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Absence management just doesn’t get any easier than this.

On The Go

This online leave management system app is available for both iOS and Android. With the JustLeave app, employees can check their available balance, apply for leave, and even upload supporting documents such as medical certificates, using any compatible smart device.

Just One Click

Leave requests are automatically routed to the appropriate manager along with the names of any other team members on leave during the same period, enabling approval or rejection on the spot. This leave system also allows for a second level of approval if needed.

Get The Big Picture

Our leave management system is complete with a company-wide leave calendar sharing function, which allows you and your employees in Hong Kong to see who’s in and who’s out at a glance.

Just Does It Right

Automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Get Attached


Employees can attach Medical Certificates or other documents to support leave submissions online or through the mobile app.

Lighten the Carry-Forward Load


If employees don’t use up leave entitlements, JustLeave allows you to set carry-forward limits and transfer leave automatically.

In Sync


JustLeave automatically calculates no-pay leave and leave encashment and syncs with JustPayroll to adjust pay accordingly.

Pro-rate Like a Pro


When an employee joins or resigns, JustLeave automatically pro-rates their leave entitlements based on the rules you define.

Just What You’re Looking For

Designed to fulfil your HR management needs.

Understand Your Need


The larger your company, the larger amount of complexities involved with having a properly functioning leave management system. It is paramount that your employees take time off to rest, recover, or take care of issues outside of work—but they also require compensation for time that they are allowed off.

User-friendly Tool


JustLogin’s online leave management system is made with the goal of streamlining these processes, creating an easy to use tool which can handle all of your employee’s needs without requiring a significant time commitment. Find out more about how JustLogin’s leave management can help streamline and improve your company’s productivity, while keeping everyone involved satisfied with the leave process.

All-round Approach


JustLogin’s leave management helps your human resource department’s processing, recording, and reporting on leave events properly so that each pay run is handled without problems. Our software offers comprehensive means to process applications through multiple levels of decision makers.

Custom Software


Our online leave management software can be customized to work with any company’s leave policy, reducing headaches and stress involved in managing your staff’s time off. Giving your employees the ability to check information relevant to their application allows for unparalleled flexibility and time saving for all parties involved. 

Just The Way You Need It

Tailored to your unique requirements.

Impressive Flexibility


JustLeave is a fully configurable employee leave management system specially designed to accommodate a wide variety of leave policies. Leave entitlements can be automatically calculated based on factors such as seniority, experience, probation period or join date.

Reporting Duty


JustLeave provides reports for an accurate and comprehensive overview of leave usage and evaluation of leave policies. Reports are always up to date because all data is sent to the cloud in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Available for both iOS and Android, our JustLeave app allows employees to check their balance, apply for leave as well as upload any supporting documents you might require such as medical certificates and more.

Yes! JustLeave is fully integrated with other systems like our payroll software to ensure everything runs smoothly. If an employee takes unpaid leave, it will automatically be calculated with our payroll software to ensure there are no hiccups along the way. This is a care-free and efficient leave system that scales along with the growth of your company.

Organizing staff leave can be a time-consuming process, if done manually. Especially for larger companies, leave can create complications including salary changes and more. By integrating an online leave management system into your company, you can spend more time focusing on improving the product or service your company offers rather than troublesome HR work. These systems offer a more efficient method that is less prone to mistakes.

Through our JustLeave app, employees can apply for leave, check their status and more. With the intention of creating a flexible leave management software, JustLeave can be customized to work with any company’s leave policy. After having one of our specialists help you get set up, running the software is troublesome and care-free.

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